Talitha, Cassia, and Tim in Uganda (tandcinuganda) wrote,
Talitha, Cassia, and Tim in Uganda

"I'm still walking around with four million shillings in my pants..."

Quote by Tim. Took him a day to realize it... True story. Also, we found a 1.5 million envelope in Cassie's bag a few days before we left. And Talitha had a lot of fun entering illegible receipts on a spreadsheet.
this is...

We wanted to report to you, our donors, telling you what your money bought in Uganda. Thanks to you we had more than $10,000 to use for the children, and it went far. That is exclusive of the $1571 that bought Talitha's plane ticket. Here are the results, broken up by categories. The numbers are approximate, because of differing exchange rates throughout the time we were there, and a shortage of electronic records (we left a couple of piles of paper in Uganda and had to reconstruct them from memory.) But we promise, the office in Kampala kept us accountable, and all the receipts matched the money spent. And all pants pockets were emptied before we left.

For Kiwanga Home
$401 Renovation and painting of the home library and playroom
$91 Purchasing additional books
$922 Fencing, plowing, and establishing a matooke plantation
$256 Purchase of 53 mosquito nets
$12 contribution towards a tank for drinking water
$121 for food for p7s vacation studies
$140 secondhand shoes (22)
$150 school requirements: exercise books, pencils, soap, sanitary pads, razors, vaseline, and other important items for the neediest children who have no families to help them obtain these things.
Total $2093

For the COU Clinic (located at Kiwanga Home)
$881 Medications (including malaria tests and treatments, and HIV rapid test kits)
$300 for the nurses' training in HIV counseling
Total $1181

For Rakai Home (Sabina)
$151 for 25 pairs of secondhand shoes
$576 school requirements (see above)
$162 for food for p7s vacation studies
$82 for firewood " " "
$143 for a set of six pressure lanterns, using paraffin, for a light source that is bright but much cheaper than running the generator to power electric lights
$60 for a pump and insecticide to fight mosquitoes in the dormitories
$48 for 20 hoes
$11 repair on COU truck
total $1233

For COU at large
$602 for dance troupe feeding while training (month of August, 40 dancers)

$46 for art supplies for older students who made us paintings to sell for fundraising here in the states

$13 office supplies and photocopies
$20 plastic bags to organize and distribute things to secondary students
$424 fuel for the truck and bus tickets for transporting us and our purchases around (gas is over $5/gal in Uganda, and COU's large truck is not fuel-efficient. We did our best to reduce costs).
$50 bed sheets, blankets, etc for volunteers in Kiwanga. They were left there for any other groups who visit.
total $507

Educational Field Trips
$72 for entrance fees and transportation for three class trips

Secondary and Vocational School Students
$1357 for 225 pairs of shoes
$70 art supplies for 17 students
$80 school bags (22)
$9 one bedcover (comforter)
$783 for 130 pairs of bedsheets
$80 Bibles, 11 (required for religious education in schools)
$3 cookies
$181 exercise books -- 150, for 50 students
$60 blankets (10)
$3 binders (2)
$3 bras (2)
$602 calculators (100)
$12 sneakers (2)
$21 sanitary pads (25 packs)
$7 razors
$123 Dictionaries (11)
$9 dissecting kit
$9 lab coat
$21 thermoses for tea (7)
$15 an iron to share at one school
$30 one football to share at one school
$48 soap
$7 rubber boots (1 pr)
$33 laundry soap (60 pcs)
$135 suitcases (8)
$21 graph books (17)
$6 jackets (2)
$3 jerrican
$4 underpants for 5
$13 ledger books (7)
$3 rulers (4)
$16 geometry sets (17)
$79 mattresses (4)
$145 mosquito nets (27)
$0.25 nail clipper
$4 powdered milk
$3 nightgowns (3)
$25 padlocks (17)
$3 pillow (1)
$5 ream of paper
$1 rosary
$3 shoe polish (3)
$13 socks (14 pr)
$100 sugar (90 kg)
$26 technical drawing sets (3)
$50 towels (12)
$12 paintbrushes for 6 students (paints were donated from the US)
$3 toothbrushes and toothpaste
$120 casual clothes (trousers, skirts, T-shirts in school uniform colors)
$256 textbooks to be shared
Total $4631.25

Vocational Students
$11 charcoal stoves
$25 flour, oil
$12 sauce pans
$22 frying pans
$37 icing kits
$6 graters, knives, stirring sticks
$25 fabric and sewing equipment
$11 extensions for students learning hairdressing/braiding
$2 gloves
$10 plumb bob and spirit level
Total $161 (note that vocational students also received items such as bedsheets and clothes from the above list)

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